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How to measure for your Cal Cover
It's very important that you take the time to measure correctly for your cover. CAl COVER will make the cover to your specifications. Remember this is your cover! CAL COVER can only make it as good as your measurements and directions. There are some things you will need to know so please read the following carefully.
You may want to print this page and use it as you make your measurements.
  • When you first receive your cover generally it will measure slightly larger than your measurements (up to one inch). So if it will be placed in a confined space (i.e. decking), please let us know.
  • Most of the time the hinge will run perpendicular to the longest measurement. So if hinge placement is important please make sure this is noted on the reverse side.
  • It is better to measure the spa and not the cover. Some covers can shrink up to 2 inches from the sun.
1) Measure Spa for length and width in inches.
  • Measure to the outside of the lip.
  • If you wish the cover to cover a larger area please give this measurement instead.
  • Always include full length and width with all orders.
Width _________
Length _________
2) Measure any cut corners.
  • If you have an octagon measure all sides to make sure they are the same.
  • If cover is a square or rectangle with cut corners, measure all corners. If all cut corners are the same, only one measurement is needed. If some corners are different, please note all corners on diagram.
Corner Length __________
3) Measure the Radius of the corners.
  • A radius is the line .connecting the center of a circle to its curve. (i.e. an 11 Inch dinner plate has a radius of 5 1/2 inches.)
  • Draw lines from the point where the curve stops on each corner. Measure from the point in the center where the lines intersect out to the curve. The length of this line is the radius. The length of any of the measurement lines to the left will give you the radius of your corner.
Corner Radius __________
4) Measure for skirt length.
  • The skirt is the material that hangs down from the bottom of the spa cover. The majority of skirts are 2 1/2 inches. If this is satisfactory, there is no need to make a measurement.
Skirt Length ___________
Some last minute things to check!!!!
  • Each cover comes with 4 sure lock fasteners that are 7" long from the bottom of the cover. If a longer length is needed, please make a note in the remarks.
  • If cover does not look like any of the drawings below, a drawing or template made of 4 ml. plastic sheeting will be needed. Please call Cal Cover for assistance. You must mark the top of any template with the word TOP.

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